Cancer Information & Treatment

radiology 374Precise Radiation for Many Types of Cancer

Rainier Cancer Center provides some of the most cutting-edge therapy and treatment planning alternatives for patients who have been diagnosed with various types of cancers: Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT), and sophisticated electron beam radiation therapy. These technologies are not widely available at other outpatient treatment facilities.

Rainier’s patients are provided with the most advanced treatment in a comfortable, personal setting. Our facilities are staffed by oncologists, radiologists and technicians who bring a blend of expertise in cancer care methodologies to each patient care experience. They will work closely with your physician to determine the best method of treatment for you.


radiology 386About IMRT/IGRT

IMRT is an advanced form of external beam radiation therapy that is delivered using a computer-controlled machine called a “linear accelerator.” IMRT allows physicians to “modulate” (or vary) the amount of radiation dose given to different parts of the treatment area. The modulation is done in highly accurate, three-dimensional detail, according to the shape, size and location of the tumor. This allows for more precise radiation with less damage to surrounding, healthy tissue.

IGRT harnesses powerful computer technology to combine tumor imaging and treatment on a single machine called a “linear accelerator.”  Because tumors can move during treatment, IGRT’s high-resolution, 3-D images allow physicians to view and track tumors while a patient is on the table. Knowing exactly where the tumor is allows them to fine-tune patient positioning, compensate for motion and breathing, irradiate only the tumor and complete treatment with greater accuracy than ever before.

For patients for whom IMRT/IGRT is not an option, we also provide standard high-dose radiation therapy.

radiology 284About Electron Beam Radiation Therapy

For skin cancer, electron beam radiation therapy uses similar technology with tiny, electrically charged particles to target cancer cells on the surface of the body. The level of precision these therapies provide also allows for higher doses of radiation with less risk to surrounding tissue, increasing the likelihood of controlling or eliminating the cancer.